At Symposium Records, we are focused on the world of music and everything around it. Our record label's focus is to produce high-quality music and release good records from hardworking artists. We believe very much in artistic expression and that is why we make our artists go beyond their boundaries.

We strive to make the music and because of that, we encourage our artists to be the best they can and put all their talent into dropping the best tracks that would reach millions of fans across the world. We have partnered with various artists, record labels, collaborators and friends around the world and our reach is international.

We have worked with numerous online casino companies to deliver music to their various online lobbies so that gamblers and punters can enjoy a soothing jingle while chasing the best 2019 casino bonus or trying our their luck at some live blackjack.

Casumo uses our title track as part of its animation when you land on the homepage. This has proved very successful and research has shown, that gamblers who love rock and alternative music are more likely to sign up.

Music Festival

If you want to catch the latest information on the artists that would be performing live around you during the music festival, you can check our tours page. We make sure that as much as we are passionate about music, we celebrate with the best talents in the country signed under our label. We will provide you all the information you need like where to buy your tickets for tours, how to get branded artists t-shirts at discount prices and other products.


At Symposium Records, we provide our artists with the opportunity to give their fans very quality performance. If you want to fulfil your dreams as an artist, we will be happy to sign you up if your competency and creativity measures up.

We have helped many artists with the resources to develop their songs over the years. If you want to give your fans an extraordinary experience, whether locally or internationally, we got you covered. Our record label is well equipped to give you the fulfilment of a successful career in the music industry. We promote our artists to make sure they get the popularity and presence they need for their music.

Wouldn’t you like to be the next star?