There are many music talents all around the world looking for an opportunity to be heard. Some try to do it on their own but end up not succeeding because they didn’t get any help and lack experience. Record labels are there to make their dreams a reality.

This is why Symposium Records is here to help you. We want to be a part of your success story by building you to a world-class artist. Why not focus on making great hit songs and leave the rest to the experts? At Symposium Records, we handle everything that would distract you from your performance as an artist.

Think about what you stand to gain by joining our many artists. We will promote you as an artist and make sure that your music reaches across the world to your waiting fans. Do you think you have what we are looking for in our next great artist at Symposium Records? Then visit our Artist page on how to get signed up with our record label and also learn more about our many artists under our label.

Additionally, check our platform regularly for the latest opportunities and information. We are constantly on the lookout for new talent that will lay a mark on the music industry and will be happy to hear from you.

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