Have you ever wondered if signing up with a record label works? Well, at Symposium Records we have a track record of giving our artists a successful music career. Find out from our artists, what it is like to be under a label that looks out for the interest of their artist.

At Symposium Records, we welcome new artists to join our record label for a promising career. If you are wondering how it works? We have the answers for you to help you decide.

Support and Funding

Symposium Records has the financial power to help you with your music. We will invest in your music career by providing you with the best producers, sound engineers, and studios for your recording.

Marketing and promotion

Our record label will give you local, national international exposure. We will fund the top-rated publicist and influential media, advertising and public relations experts to boost your career.

Specialist support

We will provide you with support in other complex matters like legalities of partnerships and your rights to your music. We have experts that specialize in areas such as tracking, collecting, and distribution of royalties to artists, copyright owners, and producers.


As an artist, you shouldn’t be worrying about how to get your music on the market. We take care of the distribution of your music on a large scale to both retailers and digital companies.

Label deals

Another benefit of signing up with us at Symposium Records is our incredible recording contract. This legally binding agreement between us and our artists is based on fair terms. We take care of a matter like funding, music making, distribution, and promotion of the recordings while spilled earnings afterward with our artists.

Now that you know what we are offering our artists, why not sign up today with Symposium Records to start your music career. Visit us today to begin.