At Symposium Records, we give our artists a fair and artist-friendly record deal that gives them control of their music allowing them to enjoy their creativity. We discover new talent, sign them up and build them up to become rising stars. Whenever we see a talent that is able to grab our attention, we welcome them to join our record label which will also give them the finance, strategy, marketing and public relations they need to succeed in their music career.

We have a team of experts and powerful network in the industry that are always available to help our artists to develop a good strategy to make global music that fans all over the world will fall in love with. We have partnered and collaborated with the right people who enhance the capacity of our artists and we communicate with them on a regular basis to pitch tracks for our artists.

We also give artists signed up with us a total branding for their music. We handle the artwork, media coverages, press photos, and brand the artists to look as good as they sound.

More than this, we structure out campaigns to promote our artists’ music by including social media, partnerships and digital marketing. We make it our duty to put you the talent and your music out on the radio ensuring your music reaches out extensively to your waiting fans around the world.

At Symposium Records, we aim at building our artists story and sharing them to a large network of print and digital editorials. We handle the financing of projects upfront without putting the burden on our artist and split profits with our artists when contracts are made.

Do you have what it takes to become a Symposium Artist? We have helped so many artists launch their career in music and we are ready to help you get to the next step to becoming the world’s top musician.

We know the world is waiting for you, now let us show you to them!