ALFRED ORDA (1915-2004)

ALFRED ORDA (1915-2004)

Alfred Orda (baritone) (1915-2004) with Josephine Lee - 14/10/59 BBC Third Programme

Confession (Accept just once) (A.Fet) Op.16 No.3 - Tchaikovsky
The stranger and the fool (L.Mey) Op.25 No.6 - Tchaikovsky
The pilgrim’s song (A.K.Tolstoy) Op.47 No.5 - Tchaikovsky
Don Juan’s serenade (A.K.Tolstoy) Op.38 No.1 - Tchaikovsky
Never have I told thee my love (A.Solugub) Op.6 No.4 - Anton Stepanovich Arensky
Merry I’ll be (S.Skitalets) Op.52 No.12 - Reinhold Moritsovich Gliere
The Blacksmith (P.J.) Op.22 - Reinhold Moritsovich Gliere

Alfred Orda (baritone) (1915-2004) with Josephine Lee - 05/06/61 BBC Third Programme

Sunless (cycle) - Mussorgsky (A.A.Golenishchev-Kutuzov)
      (i)  Within four walls
      (ii)  You passed me unseen and unheeded
      (iii) The weary day is over 
      (iv) Ennui
      (v)  Elegy
      (vi) The river

Alfred Orda (baritone) (1915-2004) with Ernest Lush - 25/03/68 BBC Third Programme 

Lilacs (E.Beketova) Op.21 No.5 - Rachmaninov
Before my window (G. Galina) Op.26 No.10 - Rachmaninov
All once I gladly owned (F.Tyuchev) Op.26 No.2 - Rachmaninov
All things depart (D.M.Rathaus) Op.26 No.15 - Rachmaninov
Christ is risen (D. Merezhkovsky) Op.26 No.6 - Rachmaninov
Oh stay, my love (D.Merezhkovsky) Op.4 No.1 - Rachmaninov
Morning (M.Janova) Op.4 No.2 - Rachmaninov
In the silence of the night (A.Fet) Op.4 No.3 - Rachmaninov
The harvest of sorrow (A.K.Tolstoy) Op.4 No.5 - Rachmaninov
Sorrow in Spring (G.Galina) Op.21 No.12
Floods of Spring (F.Tyuchev) Op.4 No.11 - Rachmaninov

Alfred Orda (baritone) (1915-2004) with Josephine Lee - 05/06/61 BBC Third Programme

Four Songs from Op.74 - Chopin:
    The bridegroom (S.Witwicki), no.15  
    Sad river (S.Witwicki), no.3  
    The messenger (S.Witwicki), no.7  
    The warrior (S.Witwicki), no.10

Alfred Orda (baritone) (1915-2004) with Josephine Lee - 26/12/58 BBC Third Programme

The garden (A.Pushkin) - Alexander Dargomyzhsky
The miller (A.Pushkin) - Alexander Dargomyzhsky
The mists over the Sierra Nevada (Shirkov) - Alexander Dargomyzhsky

  • Duration: 77’
  • Symposium Catalogue No: 1067
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